Welcome to Quiet Corner Vapors

Welcome.  We are located inside Stained Glass Creations and Beyond at 69 Main St., Stafford Springs, CT.  We are here to educate and inform you on the benefits of switching to E-cigs.  We provide a variety of Starter Kits, e-liquids and other accessories.  As this is a new venture we have a small selection now, but will be consistently growing.

We were too smokers for over 20 years.  Tried everything to kick the habit, but nothing seemed to work.  We were introduced to e-cigs over 1 yr. ago and have never turned back.  We have spent the last year educating ourselves on the product and benefits of e-cigs.  We want to help others like ourselves kick the habit of cigarettes and switch to a healthier, more cost effective alternative.

We are always here to answer your questions.  We provide samples in the store for you to test before buying.  So swing on by and we’ll be happy to get you started on a healthier, tobacco free alternative.

About quietcornervapors

Providing you a healthier, more cost effective alternative to cigarettes. Your e-cig supplier.

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  1. Stopped by today (as i seem to be doing every saturday lately) but today was different. Renee & Sean blew me away. I was a given a bottle of juice they got as a sample because it had a lable of a tucan (similar to tucan sam) and they thought it looked like something marketed twords children so they refused to put it on their shelves. This is a perfect example of what a RESPONSIBLE vape shop should be and a very big reason as to why i will continue to hang out and shop here. we have all understood that vaping is a safer alternative to smoking but shops that promote responsible sales of vape supplies are the ones that will help promote the vape community and help this industry to grow. the fact that i got juice is irrelevant, the fact that it was given away as a matter of principle beliefs is what really grabbed me. Renee & Sean are doing a great job promoting the vaping community and making sure we are being safe and responsible in what we are doing as well as being a great role model for the local vape scene. you guys should be commended for your actions. I only hope more shops will take your lead. by the way, love my 40 amp batteries and my new Cali Vapes green apple juice.

    Paul (with the reo)

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